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Your Business's Credit Analyst

I combine years of corporate banking experience with my interest in the subject of financial management and the ability to communicate effectively using the written word.

The proper combination of these elements allows me to help my clients to achieve their goals in relations with banks in a way that they will most likely not find at the competition.

My services

I support processes related to financial management of enterprises that want to accelerate their development using credit.
I prepare analyses and recommendations that help my clients to gain valuable financial security, especially important in companies that are growing rapidly.
I help to optimally plan investments and secure the most favorable sources of financing for your company.

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Business Plans

A business plan for an investment loan, development loan or financing restructuring is an invaluable tool for communication between a company and analysts and decision-makers at the bank.

A properly developed business plan is a tool that helps to clearly and effectively convey the entrepreneur’s goals and how he or she plans to achieve them. In addition, by translating these plans into numbers, it facilitates the work of analysts and helps them to make a credit decision.

Credit Process support

I accompany companies throughout the entire credit process – from choosing the optimal financing structure to choosing the right banks, preparing documentation, editing the answers to analysts’ questions, analyzing the loan agreement and starting the loan, up to monitoring during the loan period.

I make sure that the words and numbers provided to the bank are free of understatement and always have a form that maximizes the chances of their being received by analysts.

Financial Modeling and forecasting

I prepare forecasts and financial models for the needs of banks and other external recipients as well as for the company’s management or reporting purposes.

I develop financial models for companies from various industries and at various stages of development.

Analyses and audits

I analyze the financial situation of your company and help to assess the areas of its operations particularly exposed to financial risks. I identify these risks and help find ways to avoid or reduce them.

I also help to identify the possibilities of an alternative treatment of economic events in the accounting books. So that these methods are optimal for the good of relations with banks.


I offer solutions:

For real estate developers

I create business plans and financial models that help developers to acquire external financing effectively and efficiently, and maximize the returns on their investments

For the financial industry

I prepare business plans and financial forecasts in accordance with the requirements of the credit process. I support clients at every stage of the process, facilitating communication between the company and the financial institution

For investors

I help to calculate the profitability of a planned investment using static and dynamic methods and its sensitivity to changes. This makes it easier for my clients to make the right investment decision

For Executives

I support the boards of developing companies to responsibly plan an investment, effectively finance it and safely manage relations with a bank or other financing institution

Professional experience

Od 2007 roku związany jestem z bankowością przedsiębiorstw (praca w bankach komercyjnych).

Od marca 2013 prowadzę własną działalność doradczą w zakresie modelowania finansowego, planowania i finansowania inwestycji przedsiębiorstw, zarządzania relacjami z bankami i sporządzania analiz finansowych.


The most important tools of my work are Microsoft Excel and advanced financial planning software Invest For Excel® Enterprise version.

Invest For Excel

This software, created by the Finnish company Datapartner Oy, is an advanced solution for capital budgeting and valuation, used in over 1700 organizations in 54 countries.

In 2018, I became a business partner of Datapartner Oy – I help my clients acquire and implement Invest for Excel and train analysts and decision-makers in the company to use it.


Corporate finance is a fascinating and vibrant field of knowledge. To be able to provide my clients with high-quality solutions, I care about the continuous development of my competences.

Corporate finance – Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst

In July 2018, thanks to the completion of a number of advanced Corporate Finance Institute® courses, I obtained the title of Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst, along with a broad spectrum of competences in the field of financial modeling.

Credit analysis – Certified Banking & Credit Analyst (CBCA)™

In April 2020, I obtained another Corporate Finance Institute® title – Certified Banking & Credit Analyst (CBCA)™

Project management – IPMA Level D Certificate

In October 2019, after completing 64-hour intensive training covering standards and methods of project management, I passed the certification exam at Level D of the International Project Management Association (IPMA).


Contact me

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